The Merck Manual: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals

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The Merck Manual Professional Version provides health care practitioners and students with practical explanations of what to do to diagnose and treat conditions in all of the major medical and surgical specialties. It covers when to suspect a disease, a sequence of evaluation, and treatment options along with selected alternatives. In addition, it provides enough background information on etiology and pathophysiology to ensure comprehension of the management recommendations. Plus, the Merck Manual Professional Version contains medical news, quizzes, drug information, and videos.

In 2015, The Merck Manuals embarked on its most aggressive and far-reaching medical knowledge initiative to date, Global Medical Knowledge 2020. Through this worldwide project, The Merck Manuals aims to make the best current medical information accessible by more than 3 billion health care professionals and patients around the world by 2020. As part of this project, all Merck Manuals translations will be available online and kept current with the English version.

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